Cookie policy

We use various cookies on the site to provide you with our services and improve the quality of the customer's device interaction with our site. This policy describes the categories of cookies we use, their purpose, and how you can change your settings.


What are cookies?

The cookies we use allow us to recognize those who visit the site repeatedly, so they do not need to enter the same information each time. These files also serve to track user traffic patterns on the site, which helps improve its usability. Some types of cookies that are used on our site are described below.


What cookies do we use?

Используемые нами файлы cookie позволяют узнавать тех, кто посещает сайт повторно, благодаря чему им не требуется каждый раз вводить одну и ту же информацию. Эти файлы также служат для отслеживания моделей трафика посетителей по сайту, что помогает повышать его удобство.

Ниже описаны некоторые виды файлов cookie, которые используются на нашем сайте.


Basic cookies

Basic cookies help us provide users with the services requested through our site. Without these cookies, this would not be possible.

For example, basic cookies allow you to:

  • manage objects that you want to see or hide on the site and remember these settings;
  • provide you with access to secure areas of our site without having to re-enter your account information;
  • remember your previous actions (for example, filling out online forms) when you return to the page within the same session.


Functional cookies

We use functional cookies that are not basic, but provide useful functions of our site.

For example, functional cookies allow you to:

  • remember your settings from previous visits to our site, such as your country or language, your interests, and your preferred interface design (structure, font size, colors, etc.) so that you don't have to enter them again;
  • remember the answers to questions on our site (for example, whether you are ready to take part in a survey on the quality of customer service), so that you do not have to ask them every time;
  • provide information to enable optional services, such as viewing videos online or commenting on a blog.


Third-party cookies

Your use of our site may result in the storage of certain cookies that are not controlled by our site. This happens when the page you visit displays the content of third-party sites. Then you receive the corresponding third-party cookies. However, if you do not log in to your account, your personal information will not be stored in these cookies.

Third-party cookies may be obtained from the following services: Vkontakte, Facebook, Yandex, or Twitter.

The site does not control the storage of such cookies and access to them. To find out how these services use cookies, you should refer to their privacy and cookie policy.


Changing cookie settings

Almost all browsers allow you to delete cookies located on the storage medium, prohibit their creation, or notify the user before saving them.


What happens when cookies are disabled?

If you do not allow cookies to be saved or deleted, your ability to work with the user's settings and preferences, as well as the ability to configure the personal interface, may be significantly limited.

Find out how to change your settings for: