Issuance of certificates

We are the authorized Registrar of the WebMoney Transfer system for issuing Initial and Personal certificates to participants of the WebMoney Transfer system.

Before obtaining a certificate, please read all the rules AND requirements that Apply to applicants (recipients) of the certificate here (on this page) and in the corresponding sections of the Initial or Personal certificate.

Attention! Providing a set of documents does not guarantee obtaining A WebMoney certificate due to the requirements of certification activities. Therefore, We CAN refuse to accept the set of documents provided by the Applicant and issue a Personal / Initial certificate without explaining the reasons. Please understand this point of the certification procedure.

For more detailed information, the Applicant can get on the Passport.WebMoney website in the section «Documents and rules» and «Regulations for certification in the WebMoney Transfer system».

Benefits of certificates

Initial certificate

The initial certificate is recommended for small businesses and employees of Internet companies. The initial certificate will distinguish you from an anonymous user of the system, but it still does not guarantee unconditional trust in you from experienced participants.

The initial certificate allows you to:

  •  transfer title signs to other participants of the system with limits (WebMoney Keeper Mini or Mobile) that significantly exceed the limits for holders of formal certificates;
  •  top up wallets and withdraw funds from the system with limits that exceed the limits for holders of formal certificates;
  •  participate in the Capitaller service (access to the current budget machine);
  •  register Internet resources in certain sections of the MegaStock catalog;
  •  publish news in the official blog of the WebMoney Transfer system.

Personal certificate

Personal certificate is recommended for business and advanced private users who want not only to spend and transfer funds, but also to earn money online using the entire set of services of the WebMoney Transfer system. The personal certificate provides a high degree of trust from other participants of the system, since your passport data will be checked personally with the provision of original documents.

Personal certificate for most private users of the WebMoney system is the final step, because it provides the most important functions of the WebMoney system.

A personal certificate allows you to:

  •  top up wallets and withdraw funds from the system with limits that exceed the limits for holders of initial certificates;
  •  participate in the work of the credit exchange;
  •  participate in the Capitaller service (create budget vending machines);
  •  register Internet resources in any sections of the MegaStock catalog;
  •  get the status of a system consultant;
  •  participate in the partner program of the certification Center for issuing initial certificates;
  •  post news on various sites of the system (, etc.);
  •  create trading platforms using the DigiSeller service;
  •  submit claims against other participants of the system to arbitration without restrictions;
  •  use the WebMoney service.Escrow-a service for ensuring secure transactions between WebMoney Transfer system participants;
  •  participate in the WebMoney. Wiki service-write and edit articles.



Question and answer on WebMoney certification

1. Can I pay for my certificate application in the office at a personal meeting or otherwise (remotely, by transfer to another system, etc.)?

Answer: No! The application must be paid via WebMoney Passport. Then it is registered in the system and the Applicant's certification procedure begins. Payment must be made only on the WebMoney Passport website, and not by transfer to the WebMoney wallet of the system Registrar or otherwise. However, it should be noted that no more payments are made. You pay the set amount on the WebMoney Passport website (25 WMZ for Initial certificates and 50 WMZ for Personal ones) and that's it! and that's it! You don't need to pay anywhere else.

2. On the WebMoney Passport website, I found an error in the last name field (first name or patronymic, or in several fields). Can you change them?

Answer: the Main fields on the WebMoney Passport website can only be changed through the WebMoney support service. We do not have the right to change the fields in The WebMoney member certificate on the passport website. Changes are only possible through the WebMoney support service on the site Contact Passport WebMoney to make the appropriate changes to Your passport.
The rest of the fields (passport number, date of passport issue, and other fields) can be changed by the WebMoney participant independently.

3. I paid for the certificate application from You, but changed my mind about getting it. Can I get a refund?

Answer: Yes! You can return funds to your wallet. To do this, log in to the Passport WebMoney website under the WMID from which the certificate application was paid and click the «withdraw request» button.

4. My WMID / Certificate is blocked and the Arbitration asks to get a Personal attetestat. Can I pay for this type of blocking?

Answer: Yes! You can pay for an application for a Personal certificate. If for some reason You get an error, create a request to WebMoney.Arbirtation via the site and ask them to provide you with the opportunity to pay for the application for a Personal certificate.


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